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  1. Can I get more coins without buying them?

  2. Changing Your Name

  3. Contact Us

  4. Contacting Support

  5. Contacting Support

  6. Disable Advertisements!

  7. Do you want to leave a feedback? You are more than welcome!

  8. Even or Odd - Help with Types of Contracts

  9. Facebook Permissions on a Browser

  10. Facebook Permissions on Mobile

  11. Free Coins!

  12. Help, the price in App Store / Google Play is different than the price in the game!

  13. Help, the price in App Store / Google Play is different than the price in the game!

  14. How can I change my profile name?

  15. How can I change my profile picture and my profile frame?

  16. How can I get rid of ads?

  17. How come I don't have the option to connect to Facebook?

  18. How do I get more power-up's?

  19. How do I get new frames?

  20. How do I know if my dispute was resolved?

  21. How does a game end?

  22. How does the scoring work in Scattergories Blitz?

  23. How to Invite your friends

  24. How to play

  25. How to Play Passport Rummy?

  26. How to Play Scattergories Blitz

  27. How to Play Spite & Malice

  28. How to play Swervy Road?

  29. How to Redeem Codes?

  30. I wanted to watch a rewarded ad, but I don't get any ads

  31. If I reinstall the game, will I lose my progress?

  32. Is it possible to skip a question?

  33. Logging in With Facebook

  34. Login/Account Information

  35. Multiplayer

  36. Passport Rummy Pet Charm Rules

  37. Passport Rummy Update 5.5.0

  38. Passport Rummy Update 5.5.1

  39. Pet Charms!

  40. Purchase Issues & How to Restore Purchases

  41. Rate Us

  42. Restore Purchases

  43. Rewarded Ads

  44. Scattergories Blitz Update 1.1.2

  45. Scattergories Blitz Update 1.1.3

  46. Scattergories Legacy Update 1.6.3

  47. Should Your Answer Be Accepted? Send us a dispute!

  48. Spades In-Game Guide

  49. Spite & Malice Update 4.1.6

  50. The answer I submitted was correct and unique but wasn't accepted. What can I do?

  51. The game keeps freezing on my mobile device. What can I do?

  52. The prize I got from winning a match and the prize advertised on its button don't match. Why is that?

  53. Welcome to Adventure Hearts

  54. Welcome to Passport Rummy

  55. Welcome to Simple Spades

  56. Welcome to Spite & Malice

  57. Welcome to Swervy Road

  58. What do the power-up's do?

  59. Where do I make a purchase?

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