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Even or Odd - Help with Types of Contracts

The aim of Passport Rummy is to complete the different contracts the game asks for before your opponents do. 

Once you have completed the assigned contract, you'll have to place your remaining cards on any players completed contracts including your own. When the first person discards their last card, the next round starts. All players that completed their contract move on to the next while anyone that didn't has to try again.


A Book of cards are cards that have the same number. For example, a Book of 4 could be 5, 5, 5, 5.
These can be cards of any color/suit.

Here's some examples of accepted Books.

Book of 4
[5] [5] [5] [5]

Book of 2
[J] [♥J]


A Straight of cards would be cards in ascending order. For example a Straight of 6 would be 3,4,5,6,7,8.

These can be cards of any color/suit

Here's some examples of accepted Straights:

Straight of 6
[♥ 3] [♥ 4] [♠5] [♦6] [♣7] [♠8]


Some Contracts ask for Even or Odd Cards. The game is asking for you to choose between odd or even and then collect a certain amount of cards which fit that. These can be of any color.

Here's some examples of accepted Contracts:

Even or Odd of 5
[♥ 4] [♣4] [♦8] [♣2] [♣2]

Even or Odd of 4
[♠1] [♠3] [♣5] [♦7]


This contract asks for players to collect a certain amount of cards of one suit. This can be any cards, as long as they are the same suit/color.

Flush of 7
[♥1] [♥5] [♥7] [♥8] [♥9] [♥J] [♥Q]

Flush of 4
[♠5] [♠6] [♠Q] [♠K]  

Complicated Contracts!

As you get further through the game, some contracts will become more difficult. They will use a combination of terms. For example, the game may ask you for a Odd Flush

Accepted Examples

Odd Flush of 4
[♠3] [♠9] [♠7] [♠3]

Even Flush of 7

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