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Pet Charms!

Boost your Passport Rummy game with Pet Charms!

Each breed of Pet has a different trait that can help you in Passport Rummy. 
Pets can be bred together to combine the traits to improve your gameplay even further!

Check out the marketplace where other players have listed their pet charm creations for sale! 

How do I get a Pet?
Pets can be purchased from the Marketplace with Magmic Coin. You can also try to open an “EGG” to get a random pet for a cheaper price.

How do I get Magmic Coins?
Magmic coins are unique to Pet Charms. You can get more coins from the daily pet portal! You can also sell the Pets you have created.

How do I get the Pet's trait in Passport Rummy
You will need to equip the Pet to your profile. This is in the profile menu where you would also change your avatar and cards. 

How does the Breeding Pets work?
Players can breed two of their Pets together to get a third Pet. This Pet will have the chance to inherit traits from the first two pets. 

How does the Fusing Pets work?
Fusing two pets will combine them in to one pet that has both traits. 

How do I name my Pets?
Sorry, there is currently no support for naming of pets. This is randomly picked from a list when a pet is created. We may support this in the future.

What does gen# stand for?
The GEN number is calculated by adding up the levels of bonuses your pet provides. If your pet is Gracious 3 and Lucky 1, then its GEN number will be 4.

How do I choose a Pet to buy?
When purchasing a pet from it’s egg, you will get a random one from the pets listed below the egg. The chance of each of these is displayed with their image. 
If you would like to choose a pet, please check out the marketplace!

Which Traits do the Gen 1 Pets have?
Calico - Increase your chance of drawing wild cards
House Cat - Increase your chance of drawing and discarding 2 cards. 
Leopard White - Increase your chance of being dealt wild cards
Long Orange - Lowers the reshuffle cost
Long Steel Blue - Get more XP in Passport Rummy
Silky Blue - Earn more Passport Rummy Currency
Stash Cat - Increase your chance of starting first in Passport Rummy

If your question wasn't answered here, please send us a message through the feedback section of the app.


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