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How to Play

Welcome to Scattergories Blitz!

THINK FAST! Quickly list the Wonders of the World before your best friend! Will they beat you to the punch? Be the life of the party, challenge your friends & family, or dare anyone to test your wits!

The aim of Scattergories Blitz is to name as many things in a category as possible! Challenge your friends or random opponents to be the best at Scattergories Blitz!

The Basics!


The Bottom of your app will display your options. There's either: Blitz Versus, Time Trial, Profile, Store and Settings. 

Play a Blitz Versus Game

Step 1 Select Play Versus on the Blitz Tab

Step 2 Select who you would like to play against, You can choose a random opponent, or invite a friend. If you are signed in with Facebook, the game will display your connected friends under the options here.

Step 3 The game will then take you to start your game. Input your answers as quickly as possible to score as high as possible. 
There are two power-ups. Extra Time and Extra Answer. These will cost coins. 
Extra Time will give you some extra seconds to list more answers. 
Extra Answer will provide you with an answer! This is a random one picked from our constructed lists. 

Step 4 Once your friend or random opponent has played the game, it will compare your scores. In the scenario below we can see that Oudamon has won. 
For those who want to view the full list, Stars can be paid to reveal answers!

If you did or didn't enjoy a list let us by selecting Boring? or Fun?. We'll be reviewing all the feedback when we're creating new categories for the game! Help us shape the game!

Time Trial 

Time Trial challenges the player to lists one item from each list as quickly as possible. 

The Power-Ups are a little different here. There's Extra Time and Pass Category. 
Extra Time gives you more time for a category, 
Pass Category allows you to move on to the next one without having to wait for the time out.

We hope this helps!
If you need any additional help, please check out our other pages or send us a support message through the app! We're always happy to help however we can.

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