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How to play


The objective of this game is to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given a designated letter.


Each game is played in sets of 1 round with the possibility of a bonus round.

You start by seeing your list of categories. When you’re ready, hit the PLAY button. This will prompt a search for an opponent(s) then once you’re matched up the game will begin.

You have 1 minute and 30 seconds in the round! Some game modes will make this shorter or longer and there are power-ups that let you take longer to think up answers!

Now, type a word for each category listed beginning with the letter at the top of your screen. The same word must not be used multiple times in the same round (ex. “Violet” can’t be used as a girl’s name AND a type of flower).

When the time’s up, the round is over.


Every repeat answer cancels each other out so no points will be rewarded to either player. Although we do have some game modes that let you use the same answer for multiple different categories so keep an eye out for the 

10 point = A legitimate, one-word answer.

12(+) points = A multiple letter answer (ex. “Ryan Reynolds” would be worth 12 points for an “R” answer).

Points will also be increased in many game modes based on how rare of an answer it is (for instance if very few people have used the answer Ryan Reynolds it will be worth even more points!)

The words “the” and “a” do not count as “T” and “A” answers (ex. “The Ottawa Senators” would count as an “O” answer).


  • If you’re stumped on a category, move onto the next one. It may spark an idea for that tricky one you couldn’t get before. Or make use of our Help power-up (the green checkmark)!
  • Get creative! If you aren’t 100% confident in your answer but have a shot at getting double points, try it out! Maybe you’ll get lucky!

Now that you’re a pro at Scattergories, it’s time to test your skills on the app!

If you can't find a solution on an FAQ page, please contact us through the app. Support is available during regular business hours (Eastern Standard Time).

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