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Contacting Support

Help! There's a bug in my game!
On the rare occasion that you encounter an issue in your game, please contact us through the GAME SUPPORT section in the app. Please make sure that you login/register your email with your Passport Rummy account. Using this, we will be able to amend your account if necessary. We'll do our best to identify and solve all issues reported. 

The steps to follow:
Open the application
Tap on PLAY
Tap on the 'gear icon' on the upper right side of your screen to open the settings menu
Check if you are already signed up with an email, there should be an email address under login on the redacted part of the screenshot below. Sign up, if you are not already signed up.

  • Tap on 'Show' next to the game support.

The 'Knowledge Base' is the FAQ page for Passport Rummy. Please check it out to see if the solution to your problem is there.
- If the solution is not there, tap on 'Contact us' and someone from our support team will aim to reply to you in less than 2 business days.

Please note that support is available during regular business hours (Eastern Standard Time). 

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