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Spades In-Game Guide

Above is the first thing you’ll get in a game of Spades. Tap “Show cards” to display your hand and get a numbered bid list. Remember that the amount you bid is the minimum amount of tricks you’ll need to take to score points in the hand. If you bid 0 or do a Blind Nil bet you’ll need to make sure you take no tricks for the hand or you'll take a hefty penalty for your team.

Some Game modes have different rules on who can bid and what they can bid.

Also keep an eye on the “D” symbol next to a player. This signifies the Dealer and is the last player to bid. This can help you determine your own bet depending on what the other players so far have bid.

During the match you can tap the scorecard button (as shown above) to show the status of the entire game so far. Tap the home icon in the top right to return to the main menu or access sound and speed settings.

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