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Disputing an Answer

We continue to amend and update our database of answers, however due to the nearly unlimited amount of answers in some categories, it's not possible for our database to contain every known answer. 

Our databases of answers are made up of millions upon millions of answers. If you think that your answer was correct but was not accepted you can dispute it!

We have created a dispute system to allow players to submit their answers to us. These get sent to our support department where they are assessed. 

This FAQ page should cover all questions you have about disputes. 

Should I dispute my Answer?

First you should check if your answer was crossed out because it was a duplicate. Scattergories is a game of unique answers. If both you and an opponent give the same answer in the same category, neither of you will get points for that answer. 

If you have used the same word in a different category, only the first instance of the word will count and all other copies of that word that you answered with will be crossed out as duplicate.

Here are some examples of duplicates:

How do I dispute my Answer? 

If you find that your answer is not allowed but you're sure it's 100% correct, you simply have to select the "Dispute" button under your answer and then fill out the simple dispute sheet in-game. 

Unfortunately, dispute resolutions cannot affect a game's outcome in any way, but we hope that it will make the game better for everyone!

Here is an example of a dispute and submitting the dispute:

How will I know my answer has been reviewed?

We receive thousands of dispute every week, due to this it's not possible for us to review each individual dispute. 

For us to review the word, it will have to be submitted by at least one other person. If your word has not been submitted by at least 2 people in 60 days, then the dispute will expire. 

This allows us to prioritize words that the majority of users submit. It also makes sure we can add as many new words to the game as possible. 

If your answer is reviewed within the 60 days, you will receive a notification in game. 

I need to dispute another players answer!

Please contact us directly if this is the case. We can go in to the database and remove answers if needed. 

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