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How To Play Multiplayer

To play against a friend or random person select the Multiplayer option in the main menu!

Once you have done this you will be shown an option screen. You will have two options, playing a friend or a random opponent. From here, please choose which one you would like. 

Challenging a Friend
Once you select Challenge Friend you will be given options for how you want to contract your friend.

Your friend will be sent a link. If they select the link it will load their game and will connect your two games together.

Both you and your friend will need to select "ready". Once you do, a new countdown will begin for a few seconds. You will then enter the game with your friend.

Help! My multiplayer game isn't working!

If you or your friend experience an issue with the multiplayer, please contract us through the settings of the app.
Please provide us with the following information so we can troubleshoot this:
  • Both device's Game Version
  • Both device's Operating Systems (eg Apple or Android)
  • The link that was used to invite the other player
If possible, please also provide us with as much information about what happened.

Why can't I leave and return to my game?
Players can not return to a game later. It's also not possible to have multiple games at once.

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