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Login/Account Information

What is is BrainCloud Data Services ?

BrainCloud is a system used to create user accounts linked to email addresses to provide both account security/backup, but also allow our support team to view and edit player data should the need arise.

Linking your progress to a BrainCloud account ensures that you will never lose your progress or purchases, even when switching devices or uninstalling the application. Setup only takes a few minutes, and the steps can be found below:

1. Navigate to the main menu of the application, proceeding through the tutorial flow as normal if you are a brand new user. Open the “Options” menu using the button on the side of the screen. 


2. Scroll through the available options until you see the “Login” prompt. Select this button to open the BrainCloud login modal.

3. From this screen, you are able to either create a brand new BrainCloud account to register your data to. You are also able to login into an existing account, either retrieving pre-existing information or applying your current progress and data to the account.

Creating a New BrainCoud Account:

1. From the BrainCloud login page shown above, enter the email you would like to register under. Provide a valid password, and select “Register” to create a BrainCloud account using those credentials.

2. If successful you will receive a prompt informing you that your account is now secure!

Common Errors:
“Account Already Exists”
This occurs when you attempt to register an email address that already has a BrainCloud account associated with it. Attempt to login using the selected credentials instead to access your existing account.

“Invalid email or password”
This error appears when there is a mismatch in the login credentials provided for an attempted login. If you are still unable to access your BrainCloud account, contact our support team so that your password can be reset.

Logging into an existing BrainCloud account:

If you already have a BrainCloud account registered to your email, you will be able to log in and retrieve your data on any device. Simply follow the steps listed above to reach the BrainCloud login page, enter your credentials and press “Login”.

You will be greeted with an account conflict window displaying what your current data, and the data saved to BrainCloud contains. You can choose which of these you would like to sync to your account and continue to use.

Note: If you make progress without signing into your account, then choose the local data over the BrainCloud data when prompted it’s possible you may overwrite your existing progress. Be careful to select the data you intend to use!

How do I log out?

Once a player logs in, their account will be set to their email. To avoid data loss, players are unable to log out. If you wish to log out, uninstall and install the game again.
I've forgotten my password!

Please send us a message and we'll be able to help.

My information is wrong

If you have an incorrect email please create a new account by uninstalling and installing the game again. If you have saved data you would like to move across, please contact us in the app.

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