Changes coming to Phase 10 Pro!

Update 3.6.0 introduces a new look to Phase 10 Pro! 

We understand that some of the changes in the new version have not been satisfactory to our players. I can assure you we are listening and will be focusing on improvements using your feedback. 

Upcoming changes in the next update (3.6.1)

  • We're bringing back Offline Mode! - Players will once again be able to play with no connection. 
  • We're working on making the "Rate Me" and review requests less intrusive and easier to dismiss
  • All power ups will be available from the in-game store
  • We're making it easier for players to see when their collection items are able to be completed. 
  • The City Sights theme will no longer need coins.
That's not all. We're currently working on further improvements for other future updates. We've had a lot of feedback regarding the multiplayer and we will be taking steps to fine-tune this.

We're always happy to hear your feedback. Send us a message through the feedback section of the app to contact us. 

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