How to Start a Solo Game - Opponent Selection and Power ups

How to choose a theme

There's a lot of different themes to choose from in Phase 10. Some themes cost coins to play. Select the theme in your game to view more information about them.

For example, here we have Wild Savanna with Charlotte. It costs 10 to start this match. Selecting the coin amount will take you to the opponent select screen. 

How to change the number of players
Once you are on the Opponent Selection screen you will be able to choose which players you would like to play against. 
Selecting the X as shown in the image below will remove a player. 

You can add a new player by selecting them in the list next to the chosen players. 
As you can see in the image below, I have chosen Junker.

Using this, you can add and remove the amount of players you would like to play against. 

How to change the difficulty
Similar to changing the amount of players, the game's difficulty can be changed on the opponent select screen. 
Easy, Medium and Hard can be selected under the chosen players as seen below. 

Choosing power ups
Once you have selected play, you will be given the option of choosing between different power ups. 
These are 
  • Wild Cards (This is a card that can be used as a replacement of any number or color card)
  • Skip Cards (This is a card that can be used to make an opponent skip their turn)
  • Multi-Skip (This is a power up that allows all Skip Cards to skip all opponents instead of just one. Please note, this does not give you a skip card)

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