Masters Edition

Thank you for purchasing the Masters Edition add on! 

What is the Masters Edition Theme?

In this theme you can: 
  • Choose the order of Phases
  • Save cards for later rounds

How to Play

Once you have purchased the Masters Edition add on, you will have access to a new theme on your main menu seen below:

[Image from Phase 10 Pro]

The Masters Edition Theme adds a new twist to the normal Phase 10 gameplay. Players are able to choose the order they can play their phases in. At the start of each round players will be presented with the following screen:

Selecting the number will show you more information on the Phase. Selecting Start Game will begin the Phase. 

You will notice that the play area is slightly different from the normal Phase 10 themes. There is an area next to Phase area. 
Cards can be placed here to save them for other rounds. 

How do I restore my purchase of Phase 10 Masters Edition?

To restore your purchases in Phase 10, please first make sure you are on the same Apple or Google account as your original purchase. 

If you are on Android, the game should recognize you automatically and credit you the in app purchase. 

If you are on iOS, go to the settings menu in the game. From there you will be able to restore your purchases. 

If you experience an issue restoring the purchase, please contact us through the settings menu with a copy of your proof of purchase.

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