Phase 10 UPDATE FAQs

How do I log out?
Once a player logs in their account will be set to their email. To avoid data loss, players are unable to log out. If you wish to log out, uninstall and install the game again. 

I've forgotten my password!
Please send us a message and we'll be able to help.

My Information is Wrong
If you have an incorrect email please create a new account by uninstalling and installing the game again. If you have saved data you would like to move across, please contact us in the app.

The updated game is no longer connected through Facebook. Instead, please make sure you have connected your correct email address through settings.

Where is Multiplayer?
The updated version of the game is a work in progress: we are reading, reviewing, and considering all feedback we receive from players. Multiplayer is an important component to many people, and something that we are currently working to develop for Phase 10. We aim to incorporate it into a future update or release, so please stay tuned!

If you have any other questions please contact us through the app under settings. 

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