Phase 10 Facebook isn't loading, how do I fix this?

The Phase 10 Facebook app has been having some issues with loading recently. We have discovered this is due to the browsers not enabling Shockwave Flash Player by default.

Below I will explain how to enable the Flash player for each commonly used browser.


On Chrome click on the address bar and type in chrome://settings/content/flash and ensure the “Allow sites to run Flash” is toggled on as shown here:


For Safari, you’ll need to hold the ALT key on your keyboard. You should then see a row of new options appear above the address bar. Click Edit and select Preferences:

This should open a new window. From there click on Privacy and navigate to the Adobe Flash player. Find “” and ensure it is set to On:


For FireFox, click on the button with three lines in the top right corner and select Add-Ons:

Next, select “Plugins” and ensure the Shockwave Flash is set to “Always Activate”



Magmic Support Team

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