Multiplayer Set Up Guide [Android]

Below I will show some of the basic steps to setting up a multiplayer game on Android. Please be aware that Android and iOS cannot play against each other.

Another important note is that when you first reach the Basic menu you should automatically be signed in with Google Play services. If you have not already set up your account it will direct you how to do so. In order to challenge a friend, you’ll need to be in each other’s google+ friends circle and have both set up your Google Play accounts.

Below is a screenshot of the main menu. From here tap “Basic Game”. If this is the first time tapping it you will be taken through a short tutorial on gameplay.

From the Basic Game menu, select “Host Game”:

You will then be presented with the Google Play multiplayer set up screen:

Simply tap “Add auto-pick” to add any random player who is also looking for a match. If you have friends who also play they will show up to the right of the “Nearby players” button. Tap them to add them to the match. You can add up to 3 players:

Once you have tapped “Play” you will see the stockpile selection screen:

Select the stockpile size you’d like to play with and play your turn:

When you return to the Basic Game menu you will see you now have a game. When everyone else has taken their turn it will let you know it’s your turn to play:



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