Pro Multiplayer Set Up Guide [Android]

For this guide I hope to take you through setting up a multiplayer match on an Android device. Firstly, when you reach the Main menu you’ll be prompted to connect your Google account for multiplayer services. Once you have from then on you should see a welcome screen appear when you reach the Main menu as seen below:

Once your Google Play account is set up and connected select the Multiplayer button. You should then see an empty multiplayer lobby. This will fill up as you join or create matches:

Tap “Create Game” to get started!

You will then be presented with a Set Up screen like this:

Tap “Add auto-pick” to add anyone looking for a match (this will include players you do not know).

You will see friends who are in your google+ friends circle that have also set up their google play accounts to the right. Tap on them to add them to the game invite:

Then tap Play to get playing! In the lobby you will now see any games you are currently playing:

When it’s your turn it will say “Play” instead of “View”.


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