Pro Coins & XP

Our latest update has introduced XP and coins into the game. I hope to explain it adequately here.

You can see how many coins you have on most screens by looking in the top right corner. In the below screen you can see I have 10 coins

If you tap the “+” symbol next to the coins you can see the Coin store, which has a button for gaining extra coins from watching videos or purchase packs for extras.

Coins are currently only used for playing our new game modes or activating power ups. As you can see below the first three game modes are free and Disco Fever and on cost 1 coin to start (cost subject to change)

You’ll notice there is now a number next to your profile picture. This number represents your current level. After every round of play you’ll see your score and then this will change to show the XP you’ve earned. You can see below that I have earned 150 XP from my most recent round and I am level 23. XP rewards are based on whether you played your phase during the round and whether you were the one to discard or play all the cards from your hand to end the turn or not. There is also a bonus if you’ve made it to the 10th Phase.

Your XP will slowly fill up the bar and at each level up you will receive a reward of coins or power ups!


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