Pro Master's Edition Primer

First, tap the Master’s Edition button found in the Solo Game Menu.


Next you will want to tap restore on the menu that pops up (or purchase if you haven’t bought it yet.) Please note that you need to be logged in with the account that originally bought Master’s Edition in order for a Restore to be successful.

Now you will see the button at the bottom change to “Purchased” and a new Master’s Edition game mode appears next to the Classic mode. Tap Play to get it started.

As in other game modes you can adjust the difficulty buttons to medium, Hard or even None.

As you can see in the below screenshot I have turned off the third position AI and set the first AI to Medium and the second to Hard.

Once you press “Play Now” the game will start and in the below image you can see what this will look like.

From this screen you must select one of the 10 numbers before starting the match. You get to choose which one you want to try for and you should base your decision on the cards you have in your hand. I decide to go with Phase 3 and as you can see below it shows all of that Phase’s requirements when it is selected. Now press “Start Game” to play the turn.

During Game Play you will notice you have a “Save Card” button in the bottom left corner. For reference see the image below

If you press this it will open a small window (as shown in the next screenshot). When it is your turn to discard you can instead save a card. Drag the one you want to save from your hand to the small window. Be sure it’s one you really want because you can only do this once per hand.

On the beginning of a turn, instead of drawing from the discard or draw piles, you may draw a card from your save pile. Simply drag the card you want out to your hand. You can only draw one card per turn but you can draw any amount per hand, the only limit is how many you have saved. You’ll see the Save Card button change colour on the start of your turn if there is a saved card available.

(see screenshot below for reference)


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