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    We receive a TON of disputes and have a team of researchers carefully reviewing, researching, and resolving each one. We base our decisions on a set of criteria for accepting answers, which is primarily based on the official game rules. Here are a few reasons:

    - Answers can not begin with an article: A, An or The (example: The Wizard of Oz is not okay for ""T"", but Wizard of Oz is okay for ""W"").
    - Answers can not be plural, as then they are actually duplicates of other answers (example: bluebird is acceptable, but bluebirds is not).
    - We cannot accept misspelled answers, as they too are duplicates of the correctly-spelled words (example: Keira Knightley is correct, Kiera Knightly is not).
    - Answers can not be adjusted with, for example, a simple adjective (example: Rose is acceptable for a flower, but Pink…

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    Jessica commented  · 

    Kristen: Many people think spiders are insects. They're not. Both spiders and insects are invertebrates, but spiders are not insects.

    Insects have a head, thorax and abdomen, and the thorax has three pairs of legs. They also have eyes, antennae and mouthparts. The entire body is protected by a tough outer covering called an exoskeleton. Animals that share these characteristics are called insects. The group to which they belong is called the Insecta.

    Spiders have two main body parts. The body consists of a combined head and thorax called the cephalothorax, and the abdomen. The cephalothorax has the eyes, mouthparts (no antennae) and four pairs of legs. Animals that share these characteristics include ticks, mites, scorpions and spiders. This group is called the Arachnida.

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