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  1. Quick! How do I play this game?
  2. Multiplayer Set Up Guide
  3. Facebook Permissions on a Browser
  4. Facebook Permissions on Mobile
  5. How do I gain points?
  6. How do I answer?
  7. Is it possible to skip a question?
  8. How does a game end?
  9. My answer was correct but was crossed out. Why is that?
  10. The answer I submitted was correct and unique but wasn't accepted. What can I do?
  11. What do the power-up's do?
  12. Where do I make a purchase?
  13. Can I get more coins without buying them?
  14. How do I know if my dispute was resolved?
  15. How come I don't always get to play a bonus round?
  16. My friend and I see different things on the main menu. Why is this?
  17. The prize I got from winning a match and the prize advertised on its button don't match. Why is that?
  18. I really liked this one game mode but it’s no longer available. Please bring it back!
  19. Why do I need coins?
  20. My coin total seems to be changing without me doing anything. Why?
  21. How do I get more power-up's?
  22. How often can I use power-ups?
  23. I made a purchase but it's not showing anywhere. Why is that?
  24. Why do prices and quantities of packages change in the in-app store?
  25. How can I get rid of ads?
  26. How can I change my profile name?
  27. I am connected to my Facebook account. Can I still change my profile name?
  28. How can I change my profile picture and my profile frame?
  29. How do I get new frames?
  30. How come you don't give me the option to connect to Facebook?
  31. Supported Devices
  32. If I reinstall the game, will I lose my progress?
  33. I'm being told that watching an ad will give me a reward, but nothing is happening, why?
  34. The game keeps freezing on my mobile device. What can I do?

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