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Matt Cameron March 01, 2013 Announcements

If you have a valid NYTimes subscription for your iPhone / iPad / iPod and the App is saying that the subscription is expired or unavailable, please follow these steps to validate your subscription.

Please note that this will NOT result in additional charges being applied.



Justin Price September 21, 2013 Announcements

In this special prize crossword, the completed solution conceals a familiar three‐word phrase related to the puzzle’s theme. 70‐Across provides a hint on how to find it.

You can download the September 21st puzzle here: http://www.magmic.com/nytcontest/

When you have the answer, e‐mail it to crossword@nytimes.com. Twenty‐five correct solvers, chosen at random, whose entries are received by 6 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, Sept. 24, will receive copies of The New York Times Crossword Puzzles 2014 Day‐to‐Day Calendar, courtesy of Andrews McMeel. Only one entry per person, please. The answer and explanation will appear next week. The winners’ names will be announced on Friday, Sept. 27, on the Times’s daily crossword blog at nytimes.com/wordplay.

Justin Price September 04, 2013 Announcements

The September 5th puzzle, which goes live tonight at 10pm EDT, incorporates another clever twist that does not translate well from paper to digital. The NYTimes puzzle editors have decided to use rebus elements to facilitate the solution.

In the spirit of not spoiling the puzzle for anyone, please visit: http://social.magmic.com/discussions/i/140/d/7093/ social thread to allow for discussions that include spoilers for people who have solved the puzzle but are having difficulty getting the solution accepted by the app.

Thank you

Matt Cameron March 14, 2013 8 Announcements


1) Find your BlackBerry World icon on your phone



2) Scroll down to find My World



3) Click on My World



4) Click on Texas Hold'em King LIVE Poker



5) Click Upgrade



6) Wait for install to be complete



7) Click 'Yes' for trusted application status



8) Click 'Run' 



9) Start playing the best poker game on BlackBerry!



Matt Manor February 09, 2013 16 Announcements

1) Select Login with Email on the following screen



2) Enter the email address you had previously used as so:



3) Attempt to Login.  You will then be presented with a password field.  Next to the Password field is an "i".  Click it:



4) This will present you with a Reset Password Dialog.  Click Yes and your password will be emailed to you:




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